Tridonic has been a driving force in the development of professional lighting for more than 60 years. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our engineers, we provide functionally and economically superior lighting solutions that are reliable, secure, energy efficient and sustainable. Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge, our international presence and our long standing reputation for excellence and the highest quality.
1956 The Tridonic story starts with the development of compact magnetic ballasts.
1978 The first electronic ballasts was launched allowing convenient and efficient operation of fluorescent lamps.
1991 Digitally dimmable ballasts were considered a technological revolution and are still leading the way.
1996 Tridonic produces the first high-volume electronic ASIC electronic ballast as PC-E011.
2001 Tridonic launches TALEXX modules, LEDs that use the very latest COB (Chip-On-Board) technology.
2002 The entire industry adopts the digital concept of the DALI standard. By introducing its DALI product range, Tridonic continues to drive forward product innovations in professional lighting.
2003 Tridonic successfully integrates lighting management into existing IT networks using winDIM@net.
2007 Launch of TALEXXengine, Tridonic’s complete component range of LED solutions.
2008 One year later, xitec, the new processor technology, has been launched.
2009 Tridonic signs cross-licensing agreement with Philips covering several thousand individual lighting electronics and LED lighting technology patents.
2011 Tridonic launches LED modules for general illumination.
2012 First marketable OLED modules are now available.
2013 A new generation of LED drivers, as well as high-efficient LED modules for downlights and spotlights, have been launched.
2014 TALEXXengine LLE premium: first Tunable White LED module for Office and Education applications is available.
2014 connecDIM is available, the first solution for connected professional lighting.
2015 Launching ready2mains – dimming and configuration via the mains
2017 Introducing net4more as the backbone for IoT solutions.
2019 First D4i certified LED driver in the market

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