Stockholm showroom

Location: Stockholm/Sweden

Wennerström Ljuskontroll, Tridonic’s distribution partner in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries for many years, has moved into new premises in Stockholm. The showroom and offices incorporate a dynamic lighting solution based on the latest LED technology, lighting control components and luminaire ballasts by Tridonic.

Tridonic’s sales partner Wennerström Ljuskontroll has fitted its new branch in Stockholm with a dynamic lighting solution based on state-of-the-art LED technology, involving lighting control components and lamp control gear by Tridonic.

With tunable white, the colour can be varied either in the entire space or only in certain areas

With tunable white, the colour can be varied either in the entire space or only in certain areas

The intelligent backbone for lighting all the rooms in the new premises is the DALI-based winDIM@net lighting management system with power supply systems, control gear and control panels from the Tridonic range.

Experiencing light: the showroom

One striking feature of the general lighting in the showroom and office spaces is the use of Tunable White light. This is made possible by the LED system TALEXXengine STARK SLE by Tridonic, which has been fitted to modified downlights by Zumtobel. Varying the colour temperature is really simple – either by using a switch connected to the DALI MC, an x/e-touchPANEL or by a central control system using winDIM@net.

Using light: offices and functional areas

The lighting concept for the offices combines clear, pleasant basic lighting from recessed downlights in the ceiling with pendant luminaires for the task areas. Coloured LED light from the TALEXXchain CRYSTAL sets a decorative note in the office. LED light is used at many other places in the project, with the spectrum ranging from TALEXXengine STARK QLE light engines in ceilingmounted luminaires to TALEXXengine STARK SLE SELECT light engines in the downlights in the conference rooms.