deviceCONFIGURATOR and deviceANALYSER reader V3.6

The installation package contains both tools deviceCONFIGURATOR and deviceANALYSER reader. During the installation process it can be decided which parts will be installed.


deviceANALYSER reader

Product features deviceCONFIGURATOR

The deviceCONFIGURATOR helps the luminaire manufacturer to individually parameterize his luminaires. The tool has been designed in such a way that it can be integrated into the production process without great effort.


  • PC (windows) based software application to transfer parameters into our drivers
  • Workflow optimised for the use in OEM production line
  • Sending of deviceGENERATOR based files (no GUI for setting of parameters)
  • Configuration files can be executed:
    • by pressing the start button directly
    • automatically, by scanning the barcode
    • automatically, by connecting an LED driver
  • Clear indicator about the status of parametrization (green/red)
  • Parameter verifying function (not available for ready2mains)
  • Verify suitable driver and parameter file (not available for ready2mains)
  • Password protected
  • Batch counter
  • Label print function
  • Logging function
  • Supported interfaces:
    • NFC (for non-powered and contactless programming)
    • DALI USB
    • ready2mains Programmer

Product features deviceANALYSER reader

deviceANALYSER assist the lighting manufacturer in checking the set parameters in a driver. Made for return management process.
Small utility program, local installed on a PC (win7 or higher) will read out the data from the connected driver. Further, via drag and drop, moved in to the online web service:


  • Supported interfaces:
    • NFC (for non-powered and contactless programming)
    • DALI USB
  • A list of supported NFC readers can be found further down under document.


Download the software


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deviceANALYSER reader – Manual
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