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UK: Leading supermarket chain Morrisons benefits from 70 % energy savings and higher quality of light. more...

Retail: exciting in-store experiences. New retail efficiency and intelligence

With Tridonic’s smart and efficient LED lighting solutions, retailers can highlight what consumers really want and create an unprecedented identity for their stores.  

Light colour FOOD

Food that is lit with Tridonic LED modules simply looks better and visually more appealing.  White elements remain white, and colours become brighter and more intense.  In bakeries, for instance, stronger brown tones make bread appear crisper, whilst at the meat counter, warm red tones make red meat look fresher.

Light colour ART

Works of art in museums, exhibitions, and shops are lit up in all colours thanks to the new Tridonic LED modules. The unique full-spectrum technology enables outstanding colour rendering, thus presenting the artwork in the most natural way.

Light colour FASHION

Tridonic’s FASHION LED offering provides an unprecedented lighting experience. Special LED spectra for warm and saturated colours, combined with pure and cool white, makes fashion-wear shine, creating a new dimension of perfect, colour-true light. 

Quality, reliability, efficiency, and precision – that’s what Tridonic stands for today. With our next-generation LED lighting solutions for different luminaire types – spotlight, downlight, and high bay – we provide the best total solutions for our luminaire customers to meet current and future lighting requirements in retail applications.

Fascinating possibilities of smart connected lighting

Smart lighting in retail is about creating exciting in-store brand experiences that boost sales and customer loyalty. Yet smart connected lighting can do so much more… It improves overall retail intelligence – going far beyond illumination – helping retailers to bridge the ever-growing gap between their offline and digital channels. In the future, engaging in real-time with customers in the shop, using a smart and connected lighting system, will enhance the customer buying experience whilst providing retailers with invaluable data on customer behaviour and preferences. Ultimately, it enables them to redefine customer service and distinguish themselves  from competitors.
Tridonic’s smart lighting component solutions for retail applications offer fascinating new opportunities, enabling our customers to provide the best total lighting solution on the market.

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