Special LED light ceiling for Kunsthalle Mannheim

Products: Modules LLE advanced, one4all premium LED driver
Homogeneous light from the ceiling is an integral part of the lighting concept in the new extension to the Kunsthalle Mannheim. Rentex, the light ceiling specialists, opted for LED modules and LED drivers from Tridonic. more...

New lighting for Château d’Ancy-le-Franc

Location: Ancy-le-Franc/France
Products: excite series, LLE FLEX
In two of the largest rooms in the Château d’Ancy-le-Franc in Burgundy, France, a subtle new lighting solution has been installed to present the famous wall paintings and ceiling frescos in their best light – without damaging the sensitive works of art in this Italian Renaissance-style château. A further key benefit of the installed Tridonic LED strips is their efficiency: After installation, the château was able to reduce its energy consumption by 40 per cent. In the future, other rooms will be fitted with this lighting solution. more...

Expansion of Maria Ward schools

Location: Bamberg/Germany
Products: QLE Tunable White
In Bamberg’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, architects PECK.DAAM have created a new building extension for the two Maria Ward schools (Gymnasium and Realschule). Electrical engineering firm IBF Ingenieurbüro Förner implemented a lighting concept to match the architecture, which is individually tailored to each room and its specific requirements. The luminaires from Lichtwerk, which are used in classrooms, corridors, stairwells and the auditorium, are equipped with LED technology from Tridonic. more...

Tunable White for budding interior designers

Location: Lucerne/Switzerland
Products: LLE premium system, DALI Interface RS232 PS/S, DALI XC, connecDIM Gateway G1
“Tunable White? – we’ve already got it!” That’s the proud boast of the Lucerne School of Engineering & Architecture. There were several good reasons why the School became an early adopter of the new lighting technology. Luminaires equipped with LLE PRE KIT tunable white systems from Tridonic and a connecDIM lighting control system have been installed in the School’s Interior Design Studio. As a result, the colour temperatures and illuminance levels can now be varied with the aid of an app. more...

Tridonic Toolbox net4more

Location: Dornbirn/Austria
Products: net4more
A total of 200 devices, including presence detectors and sensors for measuring air quality and illuminance, have been installed by Tridonic at the company’s headquarters. net4more connects the individually connected devices both using cables via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wirelessly using Thread. A particular advantage: The solution can be scaled and extended as required. more...

Convenient lighting control system for Sitges and other Spanish municipalities

Location: Spain
Products: premium OTD LED Driver, GridControl function
LEDs can reduce energy consumption as well as the amount of maintenance required for lighting systems, which is why municipalities are also gradually making the switch to LED technology. A particularly efficient and convenient solution has been developed for Lloret de Mar. more...

Atrium at dSPACE GmbH headquarters

Location: Paderborn/Germany
Products: Modules LLE advanced
Rings of LED light give the atrium at the headquarters of dSPACE in Paderborn a brilliant new look. The solution developed by luminaire manufacturer Erventec in close collaboration with Tridonic creates excellent visibility on the galleries and provides an impressive architectural highlight. more...

University hospital boosting well-being using lighting technology

Location: Poitiers/France
Products: QLE PREMIUM Tunable White modules, connecDIM, LLE G3 modules, PREMIUM driver, basicDIM
The ways in which modern LED Tunable White technology can be used to improve well-being have been demonstrated in a project carried out by Tridonic for the university hospital in Poitiers: In a windowless treatment room, a lighting installation is being used to simulate a natural environment. In the administrative building, innovative LED lighting is providing the perfect lighting conditions.  more...

ZERO NERO fitness club

Location: Anzano Del Parco – Como/Italy
Products: Modules DLE, Modules SLE EXCITE, connecDIM Gateway G1, LLE FLEX, LED Drivers
The ZERO NERO fitness club in Como, northern Italy, offers its guests a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting scenes for all rooms. The operator benefits from flexible lighting management options via the cloud with connecDIM from Tridonic. more...

Ulm Minster

Location: Ulm/Germany
Products: LCA 75 W 900–1800 mA one4all lp PRE
The planning office Bamberger has developed a new lighting solution for Ulm Minster. LED luminaires specially designed for the project provide a remarkably precise and attractive light effect, while remaining discreetly in the background and allowing the architecture to take centre stage. LED Drivers from Tridonic are an important element of this sophisticated solution. more...

Havenhuis, Antwerp

Location: Antwerp/Belgium
Products: Modules LLE advanced, LED
For the new headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority Zaha Hadid Architects have added a glass structure on top of a listed former fire station. The way the light interacts with the expressive architecture is truly elegant. At the heart of this special lighting system are LED Light Engines and LED Drivers from Tridonic. more...

Valiant bank

Location: Bern/Switzerland
Products: QLE premium, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, DALI PS2
An LED light ceiling spans the counter hall at Valiant bank at Bahnhofplatz in Bern. With its Tunable White function, it enables variable light colours to be generated, ranging from warm and neutral white to cold white. more...

Schallberg tunnel

Location: A9 Simplon Pass/Switzerland
Products: Modules LLE, Drivers PREMIUM outdoor
Following its general renovation the 500 m long Schallberg tunnel can be seen in a new light. The luminaires were developed by the Swiss tunnel lighting specialists Rigamonti and equipped with LED components from Tridonic. The result is high-performance lighting system that offers a high level of visual comfort and has a positive effect on the sense of safety among vehicle drivers. more...

St. Jean granary

Location: Angers/France
Products: Modules SLE EXCITE, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02
State-of-the-art lighting has brought the medieval community hall in Angers back to its full glory. Lighting scenarios create the right atmosphere in the hall, whatever the event – all controlled from a touchscreen. more...

Culture centre “La Grande Passerelle”

Location: Saint-Malo/France
Products: Modules LLE advanced
Thanks to their high luminous flux, LED modules from Tridonic provide ideal general illumination for the large media library in the new culture centre in Saint-Malo and also contribute to the beacon-like quality of the building at night. more...

Sattler Lighting headquarters

Location: Göppingen/Germany
Products: DALI Interface RS232 PS/S, DALI XC, connecDIM Gateway G1, DALI MSensor 5DPI 14, DALI-RM/S 4x10 A, mains adapter for x-touchPANEL
In the new Sattler Lighting building connecDIM provides different and individual lighting moods both in the administration offices and in the production facilities. more...

ZHAW central library

Location: Winterthur/Switzerland
Products: Modules SLE ADVANCED
The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has moved its various libraries to a central location. A modern media centre with a floor space of 6,000 square metres has been created in a former factory building on the Sulzer site. more...

Restaurant Tatel

Location: Madrid/Spain
Products: connecDIM Gateway G1, LED Drivers LCU and LCI
The prestigious Tatel restaurant in the centre of Madrid offers Spanish cuisine of the highest order and an air of exclusivity. Lighting scenes create the perfect atmosphere. The light management system also offers individual adjustment with connecDIM. more...

Banco Santander

Location: Madrid/Spain
The name and logo of Banco Santander shine out over Madrid from one of the world's largest curved light boxes – thanks to 19,000 red and white LEDs in module chains from Tridonic. 1,800 branches of the bank throughout Spain will also appear in a new light, and save energy at the same time. more...

Triemli hospital

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: Modules LLE, LED Drivers LCAI, DALI-RM
When the new ward block at Triemli hospital in Zurich is in full operation in 2015, 600 Sanapro luminaires equipped with LED modules and LED drivers from Tridonic will be used to illuminate the patient rooms. more...

Müller retail chain

Location: Sites in Germany: Mercaden in Böblingen, Stuttgart-Fasanenhof
The Müller retail chain has opted for LED technology from Tridonic for equipping its new retail outlets and for upgrading its existing shops. A concept for one-to-one replacement of the existing lighting has been developed in close cooperation with Müller Ladenbau GmbH.  more...

ETH Zürich

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: TALEXXmodule QLE
The new LEE building at ETH Zürich has been constructed and certified in accordance with the Minergie ECO standard. The LED lighting system is an integral part of the energy-efficient building concept. more...

Bvlgari Flagship Store

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: Digital dimmable ballasts, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, DALI PS1
A Tridonic DALI lighting management system is providing versatile control for the new Bvlgari jewellery store in the shopping center Deji Plaza of Nanjing, China, while meeting a diverse range of complex criteria. more...

Wenxing Tunnel

Location: Xiamen/China
Products: PCA ECO one4all
The 5.4 km Wenxing Road Tunnel in Xiamen, Fujian Province is using a sophisticated lighting management strategy using Tridonic PCA ECO one4all digital dimming ballasts linked to a Tridonic DSI system. more...

St. Exupéry airport

Location: Lyon/France
Products: LED modules, LNU dimmers
New signage improves navigation through Lyon St. Exupéry airport. LED modules and LNU dimmers from Tridonic ensure optimum readability of the signage in all areas of the buildings at all times of day and night. more...

Yonghui Supermarket

Location: Putian/China
In enhancing the visual appeal of its fresh produce, the Yonghui Supermarket in Putian, Fujian Province has turned to Tridonic's TALEXXengine SLE to deliver the required lighting effects with low energy and maintenance costs. more...

National Development Bank

Location: Beijing/China
Products: Digital dimmable ballasts, LED Drivers
Around 25,000 Tridonic ballasts and LED drivers are helping the National Development Bank enjoy the benefits of versatile, high performance, low energy lighting at its headquarters in Chang'an Avenue, Beijing. more...

Casino Gran Vía

Location: Madrid, Spain
Products: Digital dimmable ballasts, Controls and Connectivity, TALEXXmodule QLE
The historic casino building In Madrid's Gran Via has been given a new lease of life, including energy-saving lighting based on an electronic lighting control system from Tridonic. more...

Dula headquarters

Location: Dortmund/Germany
Products: TALEXXmodule QLE
Dula, the shopfitting specialists, has renovated its headquarters in such a way to make it a prime example of energy conservation. The 40-year old building has been completely modernised and equipped with LED systems from Tridonic.  more...

Morrisons supermarkets change over to Tridonic LED

Location: England
Products: LLE premium system
Tridonic has been awarded a contract to supply systems of LED modules and LED converters to leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons, as part of a refurbishment programme of stores throughout the UK.  more...

Vallentuna Culture House

Location: Vallentuna/Sweden
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, LED Drivers, winDIM@net
There are many different lightsources and luminaires in the new cultural centre of the swedish town Vallentuna near Stockholm. But the complete lighting is controlled through a DALI network. Hardware fort his solution has been supplied by Wennerström Ljuskontroll. As Tridonic partner in Sweden, Finland and baltic countries they consequently focus on Tridonic’s control gear and DALI components. more...

Tridonic and the Bartenbach Lighting Academy

Location: Aldrans/Austria
Products: Controls and Connectivity
A DALI demo board from Tridonic gives students the perfect preparation for a career in the lighting industry.  more...

BAUR Versand

Location: Burgkunstadt/Germany
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all
The BAUR Versand warehouse has 450 aisles each 37 metres long. This area is perfectly illuminated by strip lighting from Regiolux equipped with dimmable Tridonic PCA EXCEL one4all ballasts.  more...


Location: Guangzhou/China
Products: PCI TEC C011
Around 300 PCI TEC ballasts are helping fashion retailer Jeanswest enhance its brand image in the company’s Chinese flagship store in Guangzhou city. more...

Donati factory

Location: Rodengo Saiano/Italy
Products: TALEXXmodule SPOT
In the canteen at the Donati factory in the north Italian town of Rodengo Saiano, TALEXXmodule SPOT LED modules from Tridonic create ideal conditions with low energy consumption.  more...

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

Location: Al Ain/UAE
Products: Controls and Connectivity, winDIM@net
The advanced functionality of Tridonic’s winDIM@net system is making a key contribution to the sustainable credentials of the new Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre at the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  more...

Health-care centre Glarus Süd

Location: Linthal/Switzerland
Products: SMART Plug Ma, SMART Plug cF
With a variety of memory plugs – called SMART Plugs – Tridonic shows how easy it can be to configure a lighting system. By inserting the plugs into the new generation of dimmable PCA ballasts, pre-defined settings can be transferred quickly and easily.  more...

Stockholm showroom

Location: Stockholm/Sweden
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02
Wennerström Ljuskontroll, Tridonic’s distribution partner in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries for many years, has moved into new premises in Stockholm. The showroom and offices incorporate a dynamic lighting solution based on the latest LED technology, lighting control components and luminaire ballasts by Tridonic. more...

Manta Rhei – kinetic luminaire

Location: International
By combining cutting-edge OLED technology, electronics and control systems, luminaire manufacturer Selux and the ART+COM design studio have ushered in a new era in professional lighting. The result of the first study on kinetic luminaires is presented as “Manta Rhei” – a delicate OLED-based luminaire silently floating in space while continuously changing its appearance. more...

National stadium Warsaw

Location: Warsaw/Poland
Products: LED Drivers
All over Warsaw’s new national stadium, handrail structures incorporating LED illumination provide orientation and safety to visitors. When it comes to the lighting solution installed, NARVA Polska relies on Tridonic’s LED expertise.  more...

Magasin Printemps

Location: Rouen/France
Products: PCI
The out-dated Magasin Printemps department store in Rouen, France, no longer met the visual expectations of today’s customers, accustomed to modern product presentation under attractive lighting conditions. General renovation of the 4,000 square metre retail area and the upgrade of the lighting system with high-quality ECGs from Tridonic will remedy the situation. more...

One Raffles Quay

Location: Singapore/Singapore
Products: PC T8 PRO, 70 W
A wide range of Tridonic PC PRO ballasts are helping One Raffles Quay in Singapore minimise environmental impact and life cycle costs while delivering a high quality lit environment. more...

Street lighting La Roda

Location: La Roda/Spain
Products: PCS / PCIS outdoor DIM B011
The town of La Roda in central Spain, population 16,000, wanted a state of the art solution to reduce the energy consumption of its street lighting. The requirements consisted of the original lamp posts to be retained and a lighting management system that was not cost-intensive. more...

Zayed University

Location: Abu Dhabi/UAE
Products: winDIM@net, proDIM BC9000
Improved control, significant cost savings and simple configuration were the key requirements for the entire lighting management system for the new Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. These requirements were met by the winDIM@net lighting management system from Tridonic. more...

BVB fan shop

Location: Dortmund/Germany
Products: TALEXXconverter LCAI 50 W, TALEXXconverter LCAI 55 W
The new BVB fan shop that the german Bundesliga football team Borussia Dortmund has opened in the basement of the Thier Gallery, the most up-to-date and largest shopping centre in Dortmund, has a retail area of around 160 square metres. BVB fans can find anything to do with their favourite team here. more...

Jiangsu Art Gallery

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: PCA ECO one4all, winDIM@net
Innovative lighting controls at Jiangsu Art Gallery Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China are saving energy while also helping to preserve the exhibits and enhance the visitor experience. Integral to the control strategy are a range of Tridonic products including x-touchPANEL, winDIM@net and PCA ECO ballasts. more...


Location: Hohenems/Austria
Products: TALEXXengine FREEZE, TALEXXengine LINE
The family-run Sutterlüty chain of supermarkets in Austria is enticing customers with its “shopping experience”. Its success is based on its huge range of foods with the focus on local produce, its friendly and knowledgeable staff and the modern architecture of its 23 stores throughout Austria. more...

Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University for Women

Location: Saudi Arabia
Products: PC T5 PRO lp
High quality products backed by fast delivery and a five year warranty were all factors in the choice of Tridonic PC PRO fixed output ballasts for the Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University for Women in Saudi Arabia. more...

SSB depot Stuttgart

Location: Stuttgart/Germany
Products: PC T8 INDUSTRY
Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) is the transport company of Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg. With 70 lines it is one of the largest local transport networks in Germany, and also one of the most advanced. The SSB has three depots, Stuttgart-Möhringen being the largest. more...

Burj Khalifa

Location: Dubai City/UAE
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain P511
The spectacular Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai, the world’s tallest building, is using a wide range of products from Tridonic. more...

One National Circuit

Location: Canberra/Australia
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all, EM PRO EZ, Smart-LS II
The Departments of Australia’s Prime Minister and Cabinet reside in the nation’s capital city of Canberra at One National Circuit. more...


Location: Berlin/Germany
Products: OMBIS 70, ZRM 2.5-ES/C
Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin is famous way beyond the city boundaries. One of the characteristic features is the set of 215 street lights designed by Richard Paulick in the 1950s. And they are equipped with state-of-the-art Tridonic components for maximum energy efficiency. more...

Loacker Moccaria

Location: Brennero/Italy
Products: TALEXXmodule EOS P211
Italian bar, pasticceria, coffee shop and shop – the “Loacker Moccaria” is all these rolled into one. With seating for 195 people the café bar of the South Tyrolean family firm of Loacker, performs a central role in the food court of the “Designer Outlet Brennero” ( DOB ). TALEXXeos provides the mood lighting that compresses an entire day in the Dolomites to the average time it takes to drink an espresso. more...

Sparkasse Mainfranken

Location: Würzburg/Germany
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all
For the underground car park at its headquarters, Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg wanted a modern lighting system that combined maximum energy efficiency with high levels of reliability and safety. They opted for electronic control equipment from Tridonic mainly because of its integrated corridorFUNCTION. more...

Freemason lodge of l'Amitié

Location: La Chaux de Fonds/Switzerland
Products: TALEXXeos P211-1
The freemason lodge of l’Amitié in La Chaux-de-Fonds commissioned a completely new lighting system to make its restored temple look even larger and more impressive than before. A lighting concept based on LED modules from the TALEXX range was chosen for its ability to highlight the interior architecture and bring the paintings to life. more...

Kobel church

Location: Augsburg/Germany
Products: TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXX lens O211-2, TALEXXconverter K350
One of the oldest Loreto pilgrimage chapels in Germany was fitted with a new indoor lighting system in 2008. With its sympathetic installation Korona Leuchten has created an atmosphere that is perfect for this spiritual place of worship. more...

Cologne cathedral

Location: Cologne/Germany
Products: TE 105A one4all SC, powerCONTROL PCI FOX B011
Cologne cathedral receives around 10,000 visitors each day – and they can now appreciate the 850 year old architecture even more thanks to a new lighting system designed by Walter Bamberger Associates. The innovative control solution for the lighting is based on Tridonic components and was one of the winners of the DALI Award 2008. more...

Sky Restelo

Location: Lisbon/Portugal
Products: PCA T5 EXCEL one4all, DALI SQM, DALI PS, x-touchPANEL
Sky Restelo is located in one of the most prestigious districts of Lisbon and stands out from its surroundings for its excellent architecture and use of maintenance-free materials, mainly glass and aluminium. The exceptional construction quality of the building is evident at first sight. It offers residents and visitors an unparalleled view of Lisbon and beyond. more...

Zigong tower

Location: Zigong/China
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all lp, winDIM@net
The software-based winDIM@net lighting management system was able to put in a stunning performance in the run-up to the Olympic Games. The PCA EXCEL one4all lp ballasts helps the “tower of light” in Zigong to put on an impressive display. more...

Ricoh Arena

Location: Coventry/England
Products: EC 18 LC502K, OMBIS 150 PB 503W, OGLI 2000 W 180, PC PRO T8
The Ricoh Arena is a major venue for sporting events and music festivals. It has a vast array of lighting equipment for a wide variety of functions and requirements, all perfectly operated by Tridonic control gear. more...

Dolder Grand Hotel

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: TE 0105 one4all, PCI FOX, DALI-PCD 300 one4all, TALEXXconverter K350 DALI RGB
Simple, reliable and effective control and monitoring of individual luminaires and entire lighting scenes was one of the most important challenges facing the designers of the lighting system for the Dolder Grand Hotel. DALI meets all these requirements, which is why DALI-compatible ballasts and transformers from Tridonic are now controlling and monitoring the lighting in this luxury Zurich hotel. more...

Western Bypass for Zurich

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: PCA ECO one4all, TALEXXstrip
The Western Bypass for Zurich with its large number of special structures places enormous demands on the lighting and safety systems. In the tunnels Tridonic components demonstrate their excellent qualities day after day in operating the various light sources. more...

Terminal 3 at Beijing airport

Location: Beijing/China
Products: PCA T5 EXCEL one4all, TE 0105 one4all, x-touchPANEL
Lighting to complement the extraordinary architecture of Beijing Airport’s Terminal 3 is being controlled by a selection of products from Tridonic. more...

Street lighting Rednitzhembach

Location: Rednitzhembach/Germany
Products: ZRM
Environmental protection, the need for budgetary control and the desire to install state-of-the-art technology were the motives behind the decision by the South German community of Rednitzhembach to modernise their street lighting. With the aid of innovative lighting technology from Tridonic the town installed a new lighting concept that is virtually unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. more...

St. Mary's hospital

Location: Portsmouth/England
Products: EM PRO, software EM winPRO, proDIM BC9000
Emergency lighting systems are essential in many public buildings. It is also essential that they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are always ready for use. Individually addressable EM PRO emergency lighting units greatly simplify the process thanks to their application-oriented features. more...