Presentation and Retail


Valiant bank

Location: Bern/Switzerland
Products: QLE premium, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, DALI PS2
An LED light ceiling spans the counter hall at Valiant bank at Bahnhofplatz in Bern. With its Tunable White function, it enables variable light colours to be generated, ranging from warm and neutral white to cold white. more...

Banco Santander

Location: Madrid/Spain
The name and logo of Banco Santander shine out over Madrid from one of the world's largest curved light boxes – thanks to 19,000 red and white LEDs in module chains from Tridonic. 1,800 branches of the bank throughout Spain will also appear in a new light, and save energy at the same time. more...

Müller retail chain

Location: Sites in Germany: Mercaden in Böblingen, Stuttgart-Fasanenhof
The Müller retail chain has opted for LED technology from Tridonic for equipping its new retail outlets and for upgrading its existing shops. A concept for one-to-one replacement of the existing lighting has been developed in close cooperation with Müller Ladenbau GmbH.  more...

Bvlgari Flagship Store

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: Digital dimmable ballasts, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, DALI PS1
A Tridonic DALI lighting management system is providing versatile control for the new Bvlgari jewellery store in the shopping center Deji Plaza of Nanjing, China, while meeting a diverse range of complex criteria. more...

Yonghui Supermarket

Location: Putian/China
In enhancing the visual appeal of its fresh produce, the Yonghui Supermarket in Putian, Fujian Province has turned to Tridonic's TALEXXengine SLE to deliver the required lighting effects with low energy and maintenance costs. more...

Morrisons supermarkets change over to Tridonic LED

Location: England
Products: LLE premium system
Tridonic has been awarded a contract to supply systems of LED modules and LED converters to leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons, as part of a refurbishment programme of stores throughout the UK.  more...


Location: Guangzhou/China
Products: PCI TEC C011
Around 300 PCI TEC ballasts are helping fashion retailer Jeanswest enhance its brand image in the company’s Chinese flagship store in Guangzhou city. more...

Magasin Printemps

Location: Rouen/France
Products: PCI
The out-dated Magasin Printemps department store in Rouen, France, no longer met the visual expectations of today’s customers, accustomed to modern product presentation under attractive lighting conditions. General renovation of the 4,000 square metre retail area and the upgrade of the lighting system with high-quality ECGs from Tridonic will remedy the situation. more...

BVB fan shop

Location: Dortmund/Germany
Products: TALEXXconverter LCAI 50 W, TALEXXconverter LCAI 55 W
The new BVB fan shop that the german Bundesliga football team Borussia Dortmund has opened in the basement of the Thier Gallery, the most up-to-date and largest shopping centre in Dortmund, has a retail area of around 160 square metres. BVB fans can find anything to do with their favourite team here. more...


Location: Hohenems/Austria
Products: TALEXXengine FREEZE, TALEXXengine LINE
The family-run Sutterlüty chain of supermarkets in Austria is enticing customers with its “shopping experience”. Its success is based on its huge range of foods with the focus on local produce, its friendly and knowledgeable staff and the modern architecture of its 23 stores throughout Austria. more...


Location: United Kingdom
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain P511
Vibrant saturated orange is the corporate design colour of Sainsbury’s, a leading British supermarket chain. The company supplies high-quality groceries and consumer goods in pleasant surroundings. These high quality standards apply not only for the benefit of customers but are also reflected in the general appearance of Sainsbury’s supermarkets. more...


Location: Mexico
Products: TALEXXchain P511, TALEXXconverter K240
OfficeMax is one of the leading suppliers of tailor-made office furniture for the B2B sector and a retailer of office supplies. There are more than 900 branches in North and Central America. more...

Metro Cash & Carry Flagship-Store

Location: Beijing/China
Products: TALEXXchain P511 DL, TALEXXconverter K240
Metro is known worldwide for its unprecedented and unique Cash & Carry system. Spread over thirty-one countries the company has around 280,000 employees throughout the world. In 1995, Metro launched its Chinese activities by establishing the Metro Jinjiang Cash & Carry Co. Ltd., a strategic alliance with the famous Jinjiang Group of China. more...

Zarina jewellery

Location: Ukraine
Products: TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXX lens O211-2, TALEXXconverter K350
Zarina is a well established chain of jewellery suppliers with 30 stores currently operating in Ukraine. Their main focus is to provide customers with exclusive pieces of jewellery in their dedicated stores. Along with the unique quality of its jewellery, Zarina identifies itself through the inimitable interior design of its stores and the persuasive presentation of its jewellery. more...