Health, Sport and Leisure


Magic moments on the football pitch

Location: Muri, Brühl, Switzerland
Products: DALI-2 control modules with switch input XC G3, RF Multi Master Controller – CIS 30 DA2
FC Muri football players train sustainably throughout the season in the best light thanks to state-of-the-art stadium lighting. more...

University hospital boosting well-being using lighting technology

Location: Poitiers/France
Products: Tunable White modules QLE PRE, connecDIM, LLE G3 modules, premium drivers, basicDIM
The ways in which modern LED Tunable White technology can be used to improve well-being have been demonstrated in a project carried out by Tridonic for the university hospital in Poitiers: In a windowless treatment room, a lighting installation is being used to simulate a natural environment. In the administrative building, innovative LED lighting is providing the perfect lighting conditions.  more...

ZERO NERO fitness club

Location: Anzano Del Parco – Como/Italy
Products: Modules DLE advanced, Modules SLE EXCITE, connecDIM Gateway G1, LLE FLEX, LED drivers
The ZERO NERO fitness club in Como, northern Italy, offers its guests a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting scenes for all rooms. The operator benefits from flexible lighting management options via the cloud with connecDIM from Tridonic. more...

Triemli hospital

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: Modules LLE, LED drivers LCAI, DALI-RM
When the new ward block at Triemli hospital in Zurich is in full operation in 2015, 600 Sanapro luminaires equipped with LED modules and LED drivers from Tridonic will be used to illuminate the patient rooms. more...