Dinner in atmospheric lighting

Restaurant MOLO in Lipno, Czech Republic

Location: Lipno, Czech Republic
Products: sceneCOM evo DA2, DALI-RM/S 4x10 A, basicDIM DGC

Guests at the MOLO restaurant next to the Lipno reservoir can look forward to dining in an atmospheric setting thanks to sophisticated automatic LED lighting control.

Lighting that creates the right mood is part of the experience of restaurant dining. For guests to enjoy their evening and for waiters to concentrate fully on hospitality, MOLO in Lipno, Czech Republic, relies on Tridonic’s automated LED lighting control system in each of its four areas. The high quality and reliability of the system ensures that the entire experience runs smoothly, no matter which area the guests are enjoying.

The challenge

The lighting in all four areas of the restaurant – entrance, dining area, bar and lounge – had to adapt to changes in natural daylight without disturbing the guests and without manual input by the staff.

The solution

High-quality scene control in combination with DALI LED drivers and powerful photometric sensors from Tridonic enable the lighting in all the seating areas of the restaurant to be automatically adjusted according to the daylight conditions. Each of the four areas has its own light profiles. If necessary, staff can manually adjust the lighting using an iPad or normal light switches to create the perfect lighting mood.

Project Data
Owners: MOLO Lipno s.r.o.
Lighting design: Luxlighting s.r.o.
Operator: Lipno Gastro Services s.r.o.
Developer: REALACTIVA s.r.o.
Architects: Chapman Taylor Architects
Interior design: Atelier Morix
Used equipment: basicDIM DGC
sceneCOM evo DA2
DALI-RM/S 4x10 A