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"DOLL Living Lab" for intelligent outdoor lighting

Sustainable lighting for the smart city

Location: Albertslund/Denmark
Products: SIDEREA, WE-EF LED street lights

The “DOLL Living Lab” in Albertslund, Denmark is a test centre, exhibition space and innovation hub all in one. Tridonic has initiated a pilot project here to test intelligent solutions for sustainable outdoor lighting with the aim of enabling towns and cities to achieve significant cost savings and to offer services for an intelligent lighting infrastructure that takes into account people and nature alike.

At the DOLL Living Lab, Tridonic is working together with outdoor luminaire manufacturer WE-EF and IoT solutions specialist Paradox Engineering to establish the technical principles for intelligent connected city lighting. An outdoor solution with tunable white functionality is being used there for the first time. The technology enables different lighting scenarios to be created, adapted to suit different times of the day with its changing light conditions and different levels of activity.

The pilot project covers a single-lane approach road to Copenhagen. A total of 23 WE-EF LED street lights have been installed over a length of around 800 metres. They are equipped with tunable white technology with continuous colour temperature control from 2,700 K to 6,000 K and intelligent Tridonic components. The luminaires have three Zhaga-compliant interfaces for the sensor and communication modules. Tridonic’s D4i- and Zhaga-compatible RF Multimaster Controller handles communication between the luminaires. In the initial test phase the interfaces on the underside of the luminaire housings were equipped with PIR sensors. These mulisensors have two PIR elements with asymmetric lenses, which enable two separate areas to be detected. The outdoor drivers developed according to the D4i standard allow the lights to be easily integrated in IoT networks. The system is monitored and controlled by Paradox Engineering’s “PE Smart Urban Network”. Based on standards and open data models, it offers complete interoperability in the management of devices, data and applications.

Project Data
Project: DOLL Living Lab, Albertslund
Partners: WE-EF
Paradox Engineering
Used equipment: SIDEREA
WE-EF LED street lights