Magic moments on the football pitch

FC Muri stadium

Location: Muri, Brühl, Switzerland
Products: DALI XC G3 CWM 30 DA2, RF Multi Master Controller – CIS 30 DA2

FC Muri football players train sustainably throughout the season in the best light thanks to state-of-the-art stadium lighting.

The upgraded stadium lighting guarantees uniform lighting across the whole pitch to minimise shadows, dark spots and glare.

To upgrade the lighting, the existing floodlight masts were equipped with Zhaga box including a Tridonic wireless node.

The stadium of Swiss football club FC Muri, in Brühl, has a history spanning over 70 years. Men, women, juniors and seniors from different leagues pursue their passion for football here.

Following a lighting upgrade in autumn 2022, the stadium’s main pitch is shining in a whole new light. Thanks to new wireless lighting controls by Tridonic, the floodlight is regulated in an economic way depending on specific playing conditions.

  • 50 per cent luminous intensity at training sessions
  • 75 per cent luminous intensity at regional league games,
  • 100 per cent luminous intensity at top league games.

With every kick-off, FC Muri are saving on electricity, costs and reducing its CO2 footprint on the pitch.

“The electricity and cost savings are definitely the biggest advantage of the three dimming levels”, says Jimmy Sagri, FC Muri (2023) member of the board.

The Challenge

It doesn’t always need to be dazzlingly bright: the Swiss football club, FC Muri, wanted to be able to dim/brighten their stadium lighting in a targeted way and with as little outlay as possible, depending on which team was using the sports ground. As the floodlights’ existing cabling could not be used, the new lighting controls had to be connected wirelessly.

The Solution

The wireless SIDEREA lighting controls by Tridonic enable precise lighting regulation using three different dimming levels. This means that FC Muri saves on electricity costs, but not on entertainment on the pitch. Thanks to wireless lighting controls via Zhaga box with a wireless node from Tridonic, the lighting can be adjusted in no time at all.

Project Data
Project: FC Muri, autumn 2022 
Lighting design: Zumtobel Switzerland 
Used equipment: DALI XC G3 CWM 30 DA2
RF Multi Master Controller – CIS 30 DA2
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