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  • Tailor-made lighting concept for the central bus station in Gelsenkirchen


Tailor-made lighting concept for the central bus station in Gelsenkirchen

Tridonic technology makes the bus station safer and more economical

Location: Gelsenkirchen/Germany
Products: Modules LLE advanced, LC 75 W 100–400 mA flexC lp EXC

Futuristic and functional: tailor-made LED technology from Tridonic not only makes the revamped central bus station in Gelsenkirchen an attractive meeting place but also improves safety and security while reducing operating costs.

The 80-metre long central roof of the Gelsenkirchen bus station provides a graceful cover for the various stops. The special flair of the futuristic bus station becomes apparent especially in the dark, because then, bathed in the light from the encircling LED strips, it looks like a UFO about to land. Tridonic LED modules and drivers give the building this distinctive characteristic. At the same time, they make the bus station a bright, friendly meeting place and a much nicer place to wait for the next bus.

High quality of light and high energy efficiency thanks to Tridonic technology

Quality of light and energy efficiency were the twin focus of the lighting concept from emsLICHT AG for the architectural firm of Stefan Schmitz in Cologne. 518 metres of fully encapsulated LED strip lighting ensure the lowest possible energy consumption while at the same time providing excellent colour rendering and an efficiency of 180 lumens per watt.

For perfect placement, the aluminium profiles for the LEDs had to follow the radiuses of the roofs with pin-point precision. 248 luminaires in 25 different versions were therefore manufactured as fully customised designs – based on a detailed lighting plan and 3D data from emsLICHT.

Project Data
Architect: Stefan Schmitz, Cologne
Lighting design: emsLICHT AG, www.emslicht.de
Luminaires: 248 customised luminaires in 25 versions, tailored to the shape of the roof
Used equipment: Modules LLE advanced
LC 75 W 100–400 mA flexC lp EXC