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  • Intelligent lighting with basicDIM Wireless in the Temple of Lutry


Intelligent lighting with basicDIM Wireless in the Temple of Lutry

Bluetooth lighting control in historical building

Location: Lutry/Switzerland
Products: DALI-RM/S 4x10 A, 4remote BT app

Using wireless technology from Tridonic, a light management system could be implemented in the Temple de Lutry without interfering with the historical structure.

In the Temple de Lutry stringent requirements had to be met for connecting the numerous LED light points to a lighting control system: “In view of the 1000-year-old structure of the church, laying power or data cables was absolutely taboo,” says Yannick Le Moigne from lighting design office Senseco. This means that only a wireless solution was an option. Each lighting component has therefore been equipped with a basicDIM Wireless control module from Tridonic, acting as a node in a Bluetooth network with a mesh structure.

Thanks to the compact Casambi Ready basicDIM Wireless modules, setting up a light management system is very easy. Once connected with the LED drivers of the luminaires to be controlled, they automatically establish a network with up to 127 light points. The modules come with a configurable 1 10 V interface and a DALI interface as well as a switchable relay contact. Optional sensors can be integrated. In the Tridonic 4remote BT app, the networked luminaires can then be grouped together and lighting scenes can be created and saved.

In the Temple de Lutry there are scenes for services, for musical and literary events in the choir or the nave, and for the popular Bach concerts. One tap of a finger in the app is enough to retrieve the desired configuration. The battery-powered basicDIM Wireless User Interface is also used. This low-profile device in a switch format can store four scenes and fade luminaires up and down.

An elegant solution was also found for the switch in the foyer of the church, which visitors can use to activate the “tour” lighting scene. Here, a DALI-RM/S actuator from Tridonic in which a DALI signal controls a relay contact was connected with a basicDIM Wireless module. Whenever a lighting scene is active in the church, the visitor button is disconnected from the network and cannot pass on incoming switching commands.

Project Data
Client: Service de l’aménagement du territoire et bâtiments, Lutry (CH), www.lutry.ch
Lighting design: Senseco, Lausanne (CH), www.senseco.ch
Luminaires: ERCO, Lüdenscheid, www.erco.com
Chandeliers: Lutry municipal authority
Photos: Thomas Mayer
Used equipment: 4remote BT app
DALI-RM/S 4x10 A
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