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  • LED lighting solution achieves significant energy savings at Abu Dhabi's Dalma Mall


Tridonic makes a significant contribution to sustainability at Abu Dhabi’s Dalma Mall

LED lighting solution achieves significant energy savings

Location: Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates
Products: Modules LLE advanced, LED drivers LC SNC and LC EXC

Tridonic products are making a significant contribution to the sustainable performance of the newly refurbished Dalma Mall, located in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. To stay in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision, which is geared towards building a sustainable and vibrant economy, it was decided that the lighting in the 3-storey shopping mall should be refurbished to remove the original fluorescent light fittings.

Sprawled across 255,000 square metres with a leasing space of 151,000 square metres, Dalma Mall houses more than 450 international and local brands, a hypermarket, a hospital, 14 cinemas, 6,300 parking spaces and has been dubbed as Abu Dhabi’s Favourite Mall. The design oozes spatial quality, form and lifestyle, focusing on creating a mixed use community with increased footfall and revenue. Dalma Mall is set to become the shopping, leisure and entertainment destination of choice for the area’s fast growing population.

The brief was to reduce energy consumption and keep maintenance to a minimum so, initially, LED tube lights were considered for the project but the mall’s owners decided to go for LED modules because of better colour consistency and longer lifetime. Following the provision of mock-ups and much discussion, Tridonic was chosen to supply the lighting due to good service, lead time, brand reliability and products that were perfect for the task.

Tridonic’s Middle East Office supplied 21,000 LLE G4 LED modules, 1,680 metres of LLE FLEX strip lights, plus 5,400 pieces of LC SNC constant voltage and LC EXC constant current LED drivers. Flexible and easy-to-install LLE G4 LED modules and LED drivers were installed for the cove lighting throughout the entire mall. LLE G4 LED modules achieve efficiency levels of up to 170 lm/W and a long lifetime of 50,000 hours. The colour rendering index Ra > 80 demonstrates the quality of the light.

The highly efficient LLE FLEX is a flexible, continuous row system with a luminous flux of 600, 1,200 or 1,800 lm/m, providing narrow colour tolerance, high colour rendering and perfect consistency, with a guarantee of 50,000 service hours and minimal maintenance. This project exploits the key benefits of Tridonic products, achieving energy savings of at least 40 % when compared to traditional fluorescent fittings and minimising the mall’s lighting life-cycle costs and maintenance.