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  • Tailor-made LED lighting for London’s Crossrail project


Tailor-made LED lighting for London’s Crossrail project

Luminaires meet the exacting lighting requirements thanks to Tridonic technology

Location: London/UK
Products: Modules LLE excite, LCA 50 W 100–400 mA one4all lp PRE, LCA 35 W 150–700 mA one4all lp PRE, LED modules LLE 24mm ADV, LED drivers LCA one4all lp PRE, LCAI 100/150 W ECO INDUSTRY, I-SELECT 2 Plugs

Premium lighting manufacturer FUTURE Designs collaborated closely with Tridonic on equipping the stations along the Crossrail line in London. Thanks to the many years of experience and technical know-how of the project partners, the result is a bespoke lighting solution that meets the exacting demands for the underground railway line.

The lighting concept for Crossrail uses the light grey, matt textured glass reinforced concrete lining of the railway stations and escalator shafts to direct light into the passenger areas and convey a feeling of space in the underground environment. Tapping into their combined experience and technical know-how, FUTURE Designs and Tridonic developed an ideal solution for the exacting environment and stringent specifications.

Sophisticated and powerful lighting solution

Powerful IKON floodlights have been designed specifically for indirect lighting. They are integrated in information pillars so their light is reflected from the ceiling to illuminate the floor area. To achieve the desired illuminance Tridonic LCAI 150W 350 mA–1050 mA ECO INDUSTRY drivers are used in combination with LED modules LLE 24 x 280 mm 2000 lm 830 EXC.

In the event of a power failure, IKON EMERGENCY luminaires automatically come on to guide passengers safely to the emergency exits. Each of these emergency luminaires delivers a light output of 35,000 lumens / 230 W. By comparison, a typical office emergency luminaire produces an output of 200 lumens / 5 W.

The escalator areas are supplied with light from PLINTH floodlights. They are installed in the deck area between the escalators. The challenge for the developers lay in the fact that passengers’ faces had to be adequately lit for the purposes of video surveillance without dazzling the passengers.

Lighting with foresight

At the time the Crossrail project got under way LED lighting was still in its infancy. Nevertheless, Transport for London took the decision to equip the stations, escalator shafts and concourses entirely with LED lighting. The reward is lower energy consumption, lower maintenance requirements and therefore lower whole-life costs for the project.

Project Data
Project: Crossrail/Elizabeth Line, London
Client: Transport for London, tfl.gov.uk
Lighting planning and luminaire design: FUTURE Designs, www.futuredesigns.co.uk
Luminaires used: IKON and PLINTH floodlights, IKON EMERGENCY lights
LED technology: Tridonic
Photos: John Zammit
Used equipment: LCA 35 W 150–700 mA one4all lp PRE
Modules LLE excite
LCA 50 W 100–400 mA one4all lp PRE
LED modules LLE 24mm ADV
LED drivers LCA one4all lp PRE
I-SELECT 2 Plugs