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  • Mega airport in Beijing gets light-on-demand


Mega airport in Beijing gets light-on-demand

Intelligent lighting control, daylight detection and indirect feel-good lighting

Location: Beijing/China, Daxing district
Products: LED drivers pemium series compact, LED drivers premium series linear

Passengers at the new Daxing mega airport enjoy comfortable lighting. Tridonic has supplied drivers, intelligent lighting control and light-on-demand with daylight tracking to help make the stay at the airport a pleasant one.

The Beijing Daxing airport, which opened in September 2019 and is known as the “starfish” because of its shape, has already broken many records with its unusual architecture, gigantic area, rapid construction time and enormous capacity. By the time the final stage of expansion has been completed it will be capable of handling 100 million passengers a year. Indirect light floods the world's largest terminal building. Tridonic supplied more than 5,000 drivers, intelligent lighting control and light-on-demand with daylight tracking.

Daxing is the first new airport project in China in which DALI drivers and a light management system are integrated in the KNX building control system. More than 2,000 LCA one4all drivers from Tridonic help to provide optimum dimmable lighting in the spacious interior of the new terminal building. Daylight tracking improves the comfort of passengers still further. Around 3,000 further drivers in the premium and premium SELV series have been installed for the parking spaces. The drivers automatically and in real time provide information on their operating status and that of the luminaires – making maintenance easier.

Light-on-demand and intelligent remote lighting control ensure that the various areas of the airport building – from relaxation and reading areas to the restaurants – have lighting that is tailored to their specific needs.

Beijing Daxing International Airport – a mega project

The “starfish” is the world's largest airport in terms of its area. The star British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid designed the futuristic building. Covering a total of 1.4 million square metres, it is expected to handle 100 million passengers a year. There are about 300 take-offs and landings here each day. The airport was opened on September 30 to coincide with 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


  • Light-on-demand
  • Indirect lighting for very large areas
  • Optimum lighting for different areas of the terminal


  • More than 5,000 DALI drivers, low-maintenance and dimmable
  • Intelligent lighting control, remote controllable
  • Daylight tracking