Controls and Connectivity

Intelligent Switching

smartSWITCH sensors for luminaire installation are the compact solution for the smart luminaire. They offer maximum convenience and optimum energy efficiency. The basic setting for the individually controlled luminaires is made directly on the sensor.

At a glance:

  • Switching depending on the presence of users and ambient light
  • Extremely easy commissioning
  • IR version
    • Sensor is based on PIR technology (passive infra-red), which determines a presence through a change in source of heat
    • Light value and switch-off delay can be easily adjusted with two potentiometers on the rear of the sensor
    • Sensor accessories for different mounting variants available
    • Max. 5 m mounting height
  • HF version
    • Sensor is based on microwave technology – motion can be easily detected through glass and plastic
    • Extremely small and requires minimum space in the luminaire
    • Perfect in combination with CLE G3 ADV from Tridonic, which already have the right cut-out in place
    • Possible use of corridorFUNCTION with our EXC, PRE or Emergency converters
    • Max. 5 m or 12 m (for industrial applications) mounting height
    • 2 different housing variants with various fixing points
    • Bright-out function – prevents the light from switching on when there is sufficient daylight
    • Delay time, detection range and light value for the bright-out function can be set via 9 dip switches

These sensors really come into their own when used in combination with the Tridonic corridorFUNCTION. This function makes it possible to switch up to 20 control units using just one sensor.

corridorFUNCTION – the smart way

The corridorFUNCTION’s predefined profiles offer a suitable solution in any area. Driver premium make it possible to program the corridorFUNCTION individually.


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