smartSWITCH 5DP 14f

Automatic switching based on motion and light level

Product description

  • Motion detector for luminaire installation
  • For automatic on/off switching of luminaires with electronic ballasts and LED drivers
  • Bright-out function: luminaire is not switched on if there is adequate brightness
  • Maximum of 1 sensor possible
  • Low profile casing (21 x 30 mm)
  • For a maximum of 2 LED drivers
  • Delay time and light value for the bright-out function can be set via 2 potentiometers
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Ordering data
Type (1) Article number Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
smartSWITCH 5DP 14f 28001538 10 pc(s). 0.057 kg
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Technical data
Rated supply voltage 220 – 240 V
Max. input current (at 230 V, 50 Hz, full load) 0.02 A
Mains frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power (output on) 0.6 W
Output, standby (output off) 0.35 W
Max. smartSWITCH sensors 1
Sensor cable length 0.54 m
Max. number of switched drivers 2
Max. Inrush current of the load (peak / duration) 55 A / 400 µs
Typ. number of switching cycles (1) 50,000
Max. resistive load 500 W
Max. inductive / capacitive load 200 VA
tc point 63 °C
Ambient temperature ta 0 ... +60 °C
Lifetime up to 50,000 h
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Specific technical data
Type Inputs Output, relay (L')
Max. smartSWITCH sensors Sensor cable length L' (switched line) Max. switching output (e.g. LCA) (1) Max. switching output [W] Max. switching output [VA]
smartSWITCH 5DP 14f 1 0.54 m 220 – 240 V 2 500 W 200 VA
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Data sheet
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Controls and Connectivity
An overview of our lighting management systems
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5DPI 14f Mounting Kit Accessories

Product description

  • Mounting frame for attaching all 5DP 14f sensor directly to the luminaire housing
  • Shutter for preventing occupancy detection in one direction
  • Glow wire test with 750 °C according to EN 61347-1
Ordering data
Type Article number Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
5DPI 14f mounting kit 28001558 100 pc(s). 0.004 kg
5DPI 14f mounting kit black 28001575 100 pc(s). 0.004 kg
Type Article number CAD Files
5DPI 14f mounting kit 28001558 CAD (748.5 KB)
5DPI 14f mounting kit black 28001575 CAD (748.5 KB)
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Type (1) Article number CAD Files
smartSWITCH 5DP 14f 28001538 CAD (574.9 KB)