Improving the carbon and cost footprint of outdoor lighting with autonomous and automated controls.
groupCONTROL allows for outdoor lighting applications that conserve energy and save cost while maintaining traffic safety and citizen security at the same time. This is achieved by local, autonomous dimming schedules that can integrate input from motion and luminance sensors. groupCONTROL is ideally suited to automate lighting for small streets, cycle and pedestrian paths, residential quarters, parks, parking, transport hubs, marinas and more.

groupCONTROL is built on latest industry standards such as ZD4i to warrant futureproof operation, interoperability and servicability. Moreover, it is seamlessly upgradable to a cloud-connected IoT solution simply by adding a Gateway and connecting it to the Internet.


groupCONTROL Programmer

Suitable for use outdoors
on cycle and pedestrian paths, side streets, service roads, parks, car parks, transport hubs, Harbours, marinas, stadiums, loading bays and many more.

Create scenes triggered by
manual control, lighting profile (time, sunset, sunrise), lighting profile with motion sensor, lighting profile with scene recall, motion path, calendar/schedule.

At a glance

  • Programmer for on-site commissioning of groupCONTROL installations
  • Control via smartphone / tablet / laptop with a responsive web app
  • Create installations of up to 60 nodes
  • Seamless upgrade to IoT-scale Smart City solution with remote access
  • Intuitive user interface (map support, live identification, motion sensor wizard)



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