excite series

Compact dimming

Driver LC 27 W 100–500 mA 54 V o4a NF SR EXC3

Driver LC 20 W 100-1050 mA 44 V o4a NF SR EXC3

The third generation of the compact excite driver series (EXC3) with Stretched Compact or Strain Relief has been completely redesigned. It can be dimmed using DALI-2 and is very versatile thanks to its wide voltage window.

At a glance

  • DALI-2 dimmable, independent constant-current LED driver
  • Wide dimming range: 1–100 %
  • Interfaces: Near Field Communication (NFC), one4all (DALI-2 DT6, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION V2)
  • SC version with lumDATA (DALI-2-Parts 251, 252, 253)
  • 20 W SR version in the Speedy housing for small recessed depths (< 15 mm)