The new driver generation

LED drivers

The fourth generation is more than just a new product family with technical updates. Generation 4 stands for a comprehensive bundle of benefits which covers the LED driver portfolio as well as sustainability, systems and services.

Generation 4 combines maximum flexibility in application and design with simple handling and at the same time protects the environment from unnecessary impact. Tridonic optimises existing technologies and combines them with a series of new features that enable essential luminaire data to be used, uncomplicated fault management to be performed and rapid on-site changes to be made. Tridonic also facilitates certification for sustainable luminaires through its numerous services. This results in innovative, tailor-made solutions from a single source, benefiting luminaire manufacturers, users and the environment alike.

Tridonic Generation 4



New generation – new benefits

Bigger operating window

The more applications a driver can cover, the easier it is always to have the right product in stock. What’s needed is an operating window of appropriate size. more…

NFC programming

New standards help to simplify complex processes and make them more flexible. NFC programming of drivers is a good example. more...


Generation 4 drivers prove that true greatness comes from within. Just 16 mm high, the slim low-profile drivers are packed with possibilities. more...

Even more smart features

Generation 4 comes with a range of innovative functions and features that make lighting solutions smarter, more efficient and more economical. more...



More than just hardware

With Generation 4, Tridonic LED drivers have reached new levels in many respects – with so many benefits not only in their applications but also in each step of luminaire production.


In the interests of a future worth living, Tridonic is linking the new generation of drivers with an extensive sustainability programme. more...


As a full-service provider, Tridonic supplies not only individual drivers but also perfectly matched systems from a single source. more...


All our services and support activities aim to simplify your work processes and assist you in the manufacture of luminaires. more…



Portfolio overview

We are constantly updating our range with new technologies and innovative options. To help you find the product you are looking for quickly and easily, despite the ever-expanding range, we sometimes have to restructure our portfolio. Instead of four categories previously, we now have three: essence (SNC), excite (EXC) and premium (pre), each of which performs different tasks and meets different needs.

Non dimming

Non dimming


Dimming stepDIM





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