NFC programming 4 easy configuration

Generation 4

New standards help to simplify complex processes and make them more flexible. NFC programming of drivers is a good example.

Generation 4 consigns plug settings to the history books. Since the driver does not need to be powered for NFC programming the process is safer, faster and more reliable. Even more time is saved with NFC multi-programming which allows entire packaging units to be programmed in a single step. companionSUITE from Tridonic is the ideal software collection for simple, fast and flexible configuration.

Tridonic Generation 4



New generation – new benefits

Bigger operating window

The more applications a driver can cover, the easier it is always to have the right product in stock. What’s needed is an operating window of appropriate size. more…


Generation 4 drivers prove that true greatness comes from within. Just 16 mm high, the slim low-profile drivers are packed with possibilities. more...

Even more smart features

Generation 4 comes with a range of innovative functions and features that make lighting solutions smarter, more efficient and more economical. more...