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Generation 4

Tridonic Generation 4


Inrush’s current limiter saves space and money

The higher the peak inrush currents, the slower and more expensive the circuit breakers required for the electrical cabinet. Generation 4 industrial drivers are supplied with an integrated inrush current limiter, which prevents high peak inrush currents from the outset. This not only means that simpler, more cost-effective circuit breakers can be installed in the switching cabinet, but also that fewer of them are required. When Generation 4 industrial drivers are used, a single circuit breaker can be used with three times as many luminaires, compared with a conventional model. This saves both money and space in the switching cabinet.

For a lighting installation in a standard hall with 400 luminaires the savings on the purchase costs for circuit breakers may be as high as 70 %.

Tridonic Generation 4



lumDATA 4 smart data usage

lumDATA supplements the DALI-2 and D4i standards with a pragmatic intermediate solution for smart buildings and IoT concepts.

lumDATA includes all the DALI specifications of Parts 251, 252 and 253 that enable essential lighting, energy and diagnostic data to be stored and shared.
For example, the luminaire identification data of DALI Part 251 enables luminaires to be assigned during installation, ensures efficient monitoring during operation and simplifies on-site commissioning.
DALI Part 252 captures and transmits the energy data of each individual luminaire within a lighting system. This enables energy consumption to be monitored and targeted optimisation to be carried out.
DALI Part 253 provides important diagnostic data for each luminaire so troubleshooting is quick and easy. This makes it easier for both Tridonic and the customer to display faults, and provides the basis for predictive maintenance.




New generation – new benefits

Bigger operating window

The more applications a driver can cover, the easier it is always to have the right product in stock. What’s needed is an operating window of appropriate size. more…

NFC programming

New standards help to simplify complex processes and make them more flexible. NFC programming of drivers is a good example. more...


Generation 4 drivers prove that true greatness comes from within. Just 16 mm high, the slim low-profile drivers are packed with possibilities. more...