EM converterLED BASIC 200 V Kit

BASIC version

Product description

  • Non-maintained emergency LED Driver for manual testing
  • For self-contained emergency lighting
  • Kit with emergency lighting LED Driver, battery for 3 h duration and indication LED
  • For LED modules with a forward voltage of 50 – 200 V
  • Low profile casing (21 x 30 mm cross-section)
  • For luminaire installation
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Non maintained operation
  • 3 h rated duration
  • Compatible with all dimmable and non-dimmable constant current LED Driver (see data sheet, LED Driver compatibility)
  • 3-pole technology: 2-pole LED module changeover and delayed power switching for the LED Driver
  • Automatic shutdown of output if LED load is out of range
  • Constant power output
  • Maximum light output for all LED modules
  • Electronic charge system
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Short-circuit-proof battery connection
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery


  • High-temperature cells
  • NiCd batteries
  • D cells
  • 4-year design life
  • 1-year guarantee
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Ordering data
Type (1) Article number Number of cells Packaging, carton Packaging, pallet Weight per pc.
EM converterLED BASIC 200V KIT 89800402 4 25 pc(s). 300 pc(s). 0.697 kg
Technical data
Rated supply voltage 220 – 240 V
Mains current 30 mA
Mains frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Typ. λ (at 230 V, 50 Hz) 0.6C
Forward voltage range LED module 50 – 200 V
Output current see EM converterLED BASIC data sheet
Max. output voltage (U-OUT) 250 V
Battery charging time 20 h
Ambient temperature ta -5 ... +55 °C
Max. casing temperature tc 70 °C
Dimensions L x W x H 179 x 30 x 21 mm
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Status indication green LED EM CON Accessories

Product description

  • A green LED indicates that charging current is flowing into the battery
  • 0.3 / 1.0 m cable length
  • Plug connection
Ordering data
Type Type Article number Packaging, bag Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
LED EM green, HO 1.0 m CON 89800271 25 pc(s). 200 pc(s). 0.015 kg
Type Article number CAD Files
LED EM 89800271 CAD (799.4 KB)
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