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Upgrade for Generation 3 premium drivers

NFC, lumDATA and fade2zero now standard

Following the upgrade to the 3rd generation of Stretched Compact and Strain Relief premium drivers, the latest low-profile premium drivers now also benefit from the new DALI-2 251, 252 and 253 extensions as well as the fade2zero function. In addition to the one4all interface, all the versions now have an NFC interface via which wireless programming and configuration are now possible using the proprietary companionSUITE.

Driver LC 35W 80–400mA 95V o4a NFC h11 PRE3

Implementation of the new DALI-2 251, 252 and 253 extensions, which Tridonic has combined in the lumDATA concept, brings new low-profile premium drivers up-to-date following the same upgrades for the 3rd generation Stretched Compact and Strain Relief versions. The specifications regulate the storage of various luminaire, energy and diagnostic data. Luminaire data enables installed luminaires to be efficiently monitored and their commissioning and maintenance to be greatly simplified. Energy data indicates the consumption of each luminaire in the overall installation. Diagnostic data is used for predictive maintenance because it records faults such as overvoltage or overtemperature in defective devices.

High efficiency and long life

Thanks to the NFC interface, the premium drivers (PRE3) can be configured and programmed wirelessly via companionSUITE. The new fade2zero function enables luminaires to be gently switched off. The driver is dimmed smoothly to just above the zero point before being switched off. The dimming range is from 1 to 100 percent, without no perceivable flickering. The premium drivers of the 3rd generation have a power factor of up to 0.98, an efficiency of up to 91 percent and a life of 100,000 hours. The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee.

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