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Office and education: empowering productivity and well-being

Authentic human-centric lighting creates exciting and feel-good experiences and adapts to the changing expectations in our day-to-day lives. 
With our smart and efficient LED lighting solutions, Tridonic provides a high quality response to the specific needs and requirements of workplaces and educational environments, such as easy maintenance, straightforward retrofitting of buildings and high levels of flexibility in office space organisation. Additionally, to meet the specific requirements of screen-based work, glare reduced lighting is a must. 
Controllable and dimmable white light is of particular importance in office spaces. With the Tridonic Tunable White portfolio for example, light can be flexibly and dynamically adjusted to the time of the day, thus helping boost user concentration and effectiveness.
Quality, reliability, efficiency, and precision – that’s what Tridonic stands for today. With our next-generation LED lighting technology, we provide the best total solutions for our luminaire customers to meet current and future lighting requirements in the workplace and for education.

Fascinating possibilities of smart connected lighting

Smart connected lighting in office spaces makes employees more productive, better motivated, healthier and ultimately happier at work. Light changes the way we use and experience space and turns buildings and offices into more human-centric and more efficient workplaces. Classrooms with smart lighting create an environment where students learn more quickly, remain more alert and feel safe and comfortable. Hence, it greatly contributes to people’s productivity and well-being.
Besides significant energy savings, low maintenance costs and safety benefits, smart connected lighting creates high levels of operational and facility efficiencies. In the future, new luminaire design and individualised lighting will help support flexible and new office architecture – reflecting an increased worker mobility, in addition to new teamwork and collaboration-based working models in open, smart office spaces.
Tridonic’s smart lighting component solutions for office and education offer fascinating new opportunities, enabling our luminaire customers to provide the best total lighting solution on the market.

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