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  • Morrisons supermarkets change over to Tridonic LED


Morrisons supermarkets change over to Tridonic LED

Location: England
Products: LLE premium system

Tridonic has been awarded a contract to supply systems of LED modules and LED converters to leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons, as part of a refurbishment programme of stores throughout the UK.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction are at the top of Morrisons’ green agenda – and of course this involves the lighting system. The company is therefore upgrading its existing fittings to LED units in all its branches. The supermarkets should not only get more efficient systems but also an enhanced look from LED light. TALEXXmodule STARK LLE and TALEXXconverter LCI TOP provide a perfect system for providing Morrisons a bespoke solution. By September 56 branches had already been upgraded to LED light. The LED modules and converters achieve an impressive efficiency of 91 lumen per watt for the entire luminaire. The Morrisons branches now have better light and lower energy consumption. Morrisons benefits from annual energy savings of 70 percent, and its customers feel more comfortable with a much higher quality of light.