Street lighting La Roda

Location: La Roda/Spain
Products: , PCS / PCIS outdoor DIM B011

The town of La Roda in central Spain, population 16,000, wanted a state of the art solution to reduce the energy consumption of its street lighting. The requirements consisted of the original lamp posts to be retained and a lighting management system that was not cost-intensive.

The lighting, however, had to be dimmable and the solution also needed to manage different light sources. Metal halide lamps are used to light the streets and plazas in the landmark town centre and special buildings such as the picturesque “El Salvador” church. Elsewhere in the town, however, atmosphere is provided with sodium vapour lamps.

The appointed planning and installation company INSECE and the town representatives decided to use Tridonic products. Now, the outdoor luminaires in La Roda are controlled energy-efficiently by PCS and PCIS outdoor DIM B011 electronic ballasts for HID. A major benefit of these devices is their flexibility in that they can be used for different light sources and they can dim lamps by 50 % during the late night-time hours. The stepDIM signal is generated and automatically adapted to the switching times in the luminaire. No external controller is needed.

Small town now lit more economically

The reduced power means reduced energy consumption and residents can count on safe, flicker-free lighting. The lamps last for their maximum lifetime thanks to the Tridonic control gear used, which is another commercial benefit as it keeps maintenance costs low. The digital electronic ballast provides flicker-free light, and the constant output of the devices ensures high colour stability of the light.

Furthermore, there is no irritating flickering caused by on/off switching at the end of the lamp life. This is detected by the ballast as soon as a lamp starts to switch on and off and the lamp is shut down after it goes out for a third time. The lamp is replaced and reignited after carrying out a mains reset with the power switch. Attempts to ignite the lamp will cease after approx. 25 minutes, however, if there is no lamp connected, or if the lamp fails to ignite (defective).

The town representatives are very happy with the results, and Tridonic recommends the replication of this project.

Project Data
Project owner: La Roda (E)
Planning/Installation: INSECE
Used equipment: