Industry: making smart factories more efficient

With Tridonic’s smart and efficient LED lighting solutions for industrial applications, today’s manufacturing and facility managers achieve important improvements in energy savings and control, and benefit from an accelerated return on investment. 
Tridonic’s high-quality LED solutions are extremely reliable and low-maintenance. They are shock-resistant and insensitive to vibrations and fluctuations in the mains voltage and to high temperatures, making them the first choice for applications in harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas. 
Quality, reliability, efficiency, and precision – that’s what Tridonic stands for today. With our next-generation LED lighting technology, we provide the best total solutions for our luminaire customers to meet current and future lighting requirements in industrial settings.

Fascinating possibilities of smart connected lighting

Smart connected lighting turns factories into “smart factories”, offering valuable new insights on how industrial facilities are used and how they gain in productivity and efficiency.
In addition to significant energy savings and low maintenance costs, industrial settings – such as warehouses, production facilities or cold stores – benefit from improved operational efficiency. In the future, data derived from smart and connected lighting systems will help improve the overall plant intelligence, whilst providing comprehensive information on how to optimise operational processes and increase plant productivity.
Tridonic’s smart lighting component solutions for industrial applications offer fascinating new opportunities, enabling our luminaire customers to provide the best total lighting solution on the market.

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LED drivers:
Linear / area fixed output industry
Linear / area dimming industry

LED modules:
Module LLE 24 mm 2000/4000 lm excite