Hospitality: supreme guest comfort. Redefining customer service.

Tridonic’s smart and efficient LED lighting solutions not only create an inviting and feel-good ambiance in restaurants and hotels; guests also enjoy better orientation and increased safety thanks to smart light that guides them throughout the facilities – in corridors, up and down stairs, or in car parks.

Adjusting the intensity and colour of light to the changes in daylight is particularly important in hospitality environments. With the combination of Tridonic’s phase-cut dimmers and LEDs, light can be flexibly controlled and dimmed depending on the time of the day. For instance, warm light colours (2,700 K) underline a comfortable and relaxing ambiance, while individual surfaces can be highlighted with saturated colours.
Quality, reliability, efficiency, and precision – that’s what Tridonic stands for today. With our next-generation LED lighting solutions, we provide the best total solutions for our luminaire customers to meet current and future lighting requirements in hospitality.

Fascinating possibilities of smart connected lighting

Smart Connected Lighting creates unprecedented experiences and offers optimum  guest comfort in hotels, restaurants, and leisure facilities – helping hospitality managers boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In addition to significant energy savings, low maintenance costs and impressive versatility, it creates high levels of operational and facility efficiency. In the future, it will also provide hospitality managers with a competitive edge by fundamentally redefining customer service.
Tridonic’s smart connected lighting component solutions for hospitality offer fascinating new opportunities, enabling our luminaire customers to provide the best total lighting solution on the market.

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