Donati factory

Location: Rodengo Saiano/Italy
Products: , TALEXXmodule SPOT

In the canteen at the Donati factory in the north Italian town of Rodengo Saiano, TALEXXmodule SPOT LED modules from Tridonic create ideal conditions with low energy consumption.

The interior décor of the canteen instantly reflects the strong bond between the company and its Lombardy home and puts people in the right mood to enjoy the delights of Italian cuisine.

The room also reflects the technical skills of the Donati Group because the ceiling luminaires were designed and manufactured by the Lighting Division within the Donati Group. When they were looking for the ideal light source for their special “Circus” luminaires, the Platek engineers opted for a Tridonic LED system consisting of an LED module and a converter. Tridonic developed the TALEXXmodule SPOT series specifically for use in downlights and spotlights.

LED modules with low energy consumption

Despite its compact size of only 36 mm x 33 mm, the LED module accommodates twelve high-power LEDs. These produce an uniform illumination with a beam angle of 140°. Depending on the colour temperature a TALEXXmodule SPOT unit provides a typical luminous flux of up to 1,120 lm from an operating current of 350 mA.

Tridonic has a systematically designed system including module and converter to make it easier to integrate connection-ready LED modules in different luminaire designs.

The 27 luminaires for the 110 m2 canteen are fitted with TALEXXmodule SPOT units with a colour temperature of 4,000 K and a luminous flux of 1,000 lm. Thanks to efficient LED technology, the lighting for this large room needs only 351 W (3.18 W/m2). For the operator this translates into significant energy savings and lower operating costs. These positive effects are reinforced by the long life of the LED light sources.