New central library for ZHAW, Winterthur

Location: Winterthur/Switzerland
Products: Modules SLE ADVANCED

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has moved its various libraries to a central location. A modern media centre with a floor space of 6,000 square metres has been created in a former factory building on the Sulzer site.

©Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich, Mark Röthlisberger

©Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich, Mark Röthlisberger

©Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich, Mark Röthlisberger

The lighting designers for this project were faced with the challenge of finding a luminaire that was in keeping with the industrial architecture and would also produce sufficient illuminance at desk level from a great height. A special luminaire produced by Fluora Leuchten AG meets both these requirements. Together with Tridonic components it offers high-tech lighting technology for the old industrial setting. The design started with rough sketches by the architects and lighting designers. A prototype based on these concepts was then produced and after slight modifications the decision was taken to manufacture 400 of these pendant luminaires.

The original plan was to service the very different room heights, from 3 metres in the training rooms to 11 metres in the hall at ground level, with luminaires of different sizes, but the Tridonic LED portfolio offered all the necessary combinations of LED modules and LED Drivers to equip a single luminaire type with the appropriate technology for the different requirements. FLE LED modules are used in the luminaire for areas in which the luminaires are mounted at great heights. They have been designed specifically for illuminating large halls.

For areas with moderate ceiling heights the lighting designers opted for the SLE G3 modules which Tridonic offers mainly for use in spotlights and downlights. Both LED module types operate in an output range that calls for active cooling. This is provided by a fan integrated in the luminaire housing. Tridonic conducted a series of measurements to support the design of the active thermal management system and gave the customer approval for the combination of fan, LED modules and LED Drivers. The LED modules are supplied with power via Driver LCAI 100W and Driver LCI 35W.

The Structural Engineering Office of the Zurich canton was responsible for overseeing the structural aspects of the entire project and for equipping the rooms with furniture, IT, audio-visual and other equipment on behalf of the tenant.

Project Data
Owners: Real Estate Asset Management Switzerland of Credit Suisse AG
Original architect: Lebrecht Völki, Winterthur, 1930/31
Architects for the conversion to a library: P&B Partner Architekten AG, Winterthur, www.piotrowski-bovet.ch
Lighting design: lichtgestaltende ingenieure vogtpartner, Winterthur, www.vogtpartner.eu
Design of the special luminaire: Fluora Leuchten AG. Herisau, www.fluora.ch
Used equipment: Modules SLE ADVANCED