Versatile performance for National Development Bank

Location: Beijing/China
Products: LED drivers

Around 25,000 Tridonic ballasts and LED drivers are helping the National Development Bank enjoy the benefits of versatile, high performance, low energy lighting at its headquarters in Chang'an Avenue, Beijing.

A key element in the design of the lighting for the building was that it should be highly energy efficient while also being sufficiently flexible to meet differing requirements throughout the building. In particular, it was important that occupants can adjust light levels to suit different tasks and occasions, using simple controls and multi-scene lighting control.

This requirement resulted in a wide range of luminaire types being specified by lighting designers The Beijing Institute of Architectural Design found Tridonic's comprehensive product portfolio proved ideal for ensuring optimum performance of each type of lighting.

For example, the new PCA digital dimming ballast has played a vital role in enabling high quality dimming of fluorescent lighting from 100 % to just 1 % light output. Similarly, LED digital dimming drivers with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), combined with a DALI network, provide simple yet precise control of the LED lighting that has been used extensively throughout the building. Other Tridonic products included low voltage halogen TEs and HID electronic ballasts.

As a result of high quality lighting combined with Tridonic's sophisticated control products, the National Development Bank has a lighting installation that is efficient, and responsive with low cost of ownership.