Bvlgari Flagship Store

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: DALI PS1

A Tridonic DALI lighting management system is providing versatile control for the new Bvlgari jewellery store in the shopping center Deji Plaza of Nanjing, China, while meeting a diverse range of complex criteria.

The Bvlgari shop in Nanjing provides a range of high-end products including jewellery, watches, perfume, leather products and accessories. The result is a kaleidoscope of colours and reflective properties across the many precious metals, gems and other creative materials used in the manufacture of the displayed merchandise.

The design criteria for each shop are specified by Bvlgari Group's in-house architects and include the use of lighting to create cleanliness and brightness whilst also minimising energy consumption. In addition, different types of jewels and metals require different lighting – in terms of illuminance level, colour temperature and colour rendition.

To meet these requirements each luminaire is equipped with an individually addressable Tridonic DALI dimmable ballast for very precise control. For example, lamps of different colour temperatures can be combined dimmed separately to create different ambiences using a Tridonic x-touchPANEL.

A further benefit is that the unique wiring of a DALI system enables various light sources to be dimmed separately from each other, thereby reducing the cabling requirements.

This design, which exploits the key benefits of Tridonic DALI products, has provided the Nanjing Bvlgari store with a perfectly lit showcase that since the visual senses of its customers while also minimising its lighting life-cycle costs.