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Tridonic and the Bartenbach Lighting Academy

Location: Aldrans/Austria
Products: Controls and Connectivity

A DALI demo board from Tridonic gives students the perfect preparation for a career in the lighting industry.

At the Bartenbach Lighting Academy in Aldrans near Innsbruck, Austria, students can study lighting design as an interdisciplinary profession. Graduates of the academy are in great demand. To make training as close to reality as possible the lighting designs are tested on models, in most cases for actual projects by the internationally acclaimed Bartenbach lighting laboratory.

Tridonic has made a DALI demo board available to the Lighting Academy. The board includes a variety of components such as ballasts, control modules, sensors, operating devices and dimmers. This demo board is incorporated in the seminars to show the students how the various components interact and what a modern light management system can do.

More information on the Lighting Academy is available here: