LEDs for XXL signage for Banco Santander

Location: Madrid/Spain

The name and logo of Banco Santander shine out over Madrid from one of the world's largest curved light boxes – thanks to 19,000 red and white LEDs in module chains from Tridonic. 1,800 branches of the bank throughout Spain will also appear in a new light, and save energy at the same time.

The corporate sign of Banco Santander can be seen for miles in the east of the Spanish capital thanks to its huge dimensions (40 meters long and 8 meters high) and its impressive brightness. It marks the entrance to the "Ciudad Financiera", the financial sector of the city, where employees of the bank not only have their offices but also sports facilities, shops, a golf course and a kindergarten, all on a 600 acre site. The enormous sign is mounted on the facade of an elliptical building. The curved light box is only 50 centimetres deep and was manufactured by the Spanish company of Rótulos Mace in a single piece. The structure and the lettering are made from aluminium, and the colour foil comes from 3M.

TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT LED modules from Tridonic offer high luminous flux for excellent visibility even in strong sunlight. At night, the sign complies with Spanish regulations regarding light pollution with a total luminous intensity of 400 candela. Thanks to their stable colour quality and special lenses with an emission characteristic of 155°, the chained LED modules from Tridonic provide extremely uniform illumination. This enables designers to limit the number of modules in the light box. The modules are controlled by the efficient TALEXXdriver LCU.

1,800 branches are now energy efficient

To make a good impression on their customers and save energy at the same time, Banco Santander also updated the external signage on 1,800 Spanish branches from T8 fluorescent lamps to LED lighting. This has reduced power consumption from 1,800 kW/h to 360 kW/h. The LEDs have an average lifetime of 70,000 hours, so maintenance and disposal costs are also lower. The LED modules from Tridonic provide homogeneous illumination and high colour quality. The TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC modules are used to backlight the signs on the front of the buildings. Daylight White creates the best effect for the red background and white lettering. The LED chains are controlled by TALEXXdriver LCU LED Drivers.