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  • University hospital boosting well-being using lighting technology

University hospital boosting well-being using lighting technology

Location: Poitiers/France
Products: , Tunable White modules QLE PRE, connecDIM, LLE G3 modules, premium drivers, basicDIM

The ways in which modern LED Tunable White technology can be used to improve well-being have been demonstrated in a project carried out by Tridonic for the university hospital in Poitiers: In a windowless treatment room, a lighting installation is being used to simulate a natural environment. In the administrative building, innovative LED lighting is providing the perfect lighting conditions.

Human Centric Lighting supporting well-being

Biologically effective lighting is a key factor when it comes to well-being. To make their stay more pleasant for patients, the university hospital in Poitiers has fitted a lighting installation in a windowless treatment room: Square LED modules creating an illuminated ceiling with a sky motif allow lighting that adapts to the course of the day. At the heart of the installation are the Tunable White QLE premium modules from Tridonic and the decentralised lighting control based on connecDIM.

Innovative LED lighting for new administrative building

In the administrative building, more than 800 linear LED luminaires from partner SFEL, fitted with LLE-G3 LED modules and premium drivers from Tridonic, provide homogeneous lighting. The compact basicDIM control module was also installed in each luminaire: This contains an ambient light sensor that automatically adapts the lighting to current light conditions. In addition, a motion sensor that automatically regulates the light according to whether the room is occupied has also been integrated. Workplaces are therefore optimally lit at all times of the day. The operator, on the other side, profits from energy and cost savings as, thanks to the sensors, only those luminaires that are actually required are activated.