Zarina jewellery

Location: Ukraine
Products: , TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXX lens O211-2, TALEXXconverter K350

Zarina is a well established chain of jewellery suppliers with 30 stores currently operating in Ukraine. Their main focus is to provide customers with exclusive pieces of jewellery in their dedicated stores. Along with the unique quality of its jewellery, Zarina identifies itself through the inimitable interior design of its stores and the persuasive presentation of its jewellery.

Queensland LLC, Tridonic’s distribution partner in Ukraine, felt certain that the presentation of Zarina’s products could be improved even further by using dedicated LED lighting in their showcases.

Rostislav Romanko, Lighting Designer at Queensland LLC, carried out numerous internal tests with different LED modules before arriving at the conclusion that Zarina’s diamonds shone brightest and most brilliantly when exposed to Tridonic’s TALEXX LED technology. By narrowing the light distribution of the LEDs with 40° TALEXX lens O211-2 spot lenses, even more brilliance was achieved.

Zarina was assured that modern LED technology has considerable advantages over more conventional light sources, and decided to equip two new show rooms in Kiev with Tridonc’s TALEXX LED technology as a pilot project.

The brilliant solution

In each store, Zarina’s jewellery is displayed in 33 showcases entirely made of glass and two integrated Fabergé showcases. The transparent showcases are freestanding, whereas the Fabergé showcases are directly integrated into the walls of the stores. Within the project all were equipped with Tridonic LED technology.

In each of the built-in showcases, eighteen TALEXXeos P211 modules were installed. On each of the three levels comprising the entire showcase, two strips consisting of three LEDs perfectly illuminate the amazing jewellery items. One LED TALEXXconverter 0015 K350 (120 – 240 V / 350 mA, 15 VA) ensures the LED modules operate at their maximum performance and with utmost energy efficiency.

For the transparent showcases, designing the lighting installation was challenging. The nature of these unique showcases meant that all the cabling used had to be concealed so that only the light spots are exposed to the customer.

In each showcase, 10 TALEXXeos P211 modules are attached to TALEXXprofile Z200 aluminium profiles mounted in the upper corner on the front of the case so that the light shines directly on to the jewellery. The TALEXXeos P211 LED modules are equipped with 40° TALEXX lens O211-2 spot lenses for even more concentrated, brighter illumination.

It’s all about innovative solutions

To conceal the cabling special measures had been taken into account. For the power supply nearly invisible cables with special transparent insulation were used. Such cables are normally used in high-end audio equipment. They have been routed in the corners of the cabinet so as to not distract from the overall impression of the showcase.

The cabling between the LED modules is entirely hidden behind specially modified TALEXXcover Z220 covers. For that purpose Queensland LLC introduced a brand new method to achieve this. The covers are not used to alter the light distribution, but to hide the cabling of the installation. To do this, holes have been drilled manually into the cover of each showcase to let the LEDs shine through in the required areas. Additionally the installed reflectors prevent the illumination of the cover which gives the installation a very unique appearance. For powering these showcases the same TALEXXconverter 0015 K350 were used as in the integrated showcases.

Thanks to the high quality and extreme flexibility of Tridonic’s TALEXX LED modules, Queensland LLC was able to equip Ukraine’s most famous jewellery chain with the brightest, most brilliant jewellery showcases possible. Taking “brilliance” to a new dimension.

To date, no other company has used LEDs for showcase lighting in Ukraine, although Queensland LLC is currently running three other similar LED projects and is constantly expanding their knowledge in the exciting area of LED technology. This will enable them to bring this new lighting technology to other jewellery companies in Ukraine in the near future.

Project data
Owner: Zarina (Ukraine)
Lighting engineering: Rostislav Romanko, Queensland LLC
Installed items installed in each shop
Transparent showcases: Total of 330 LED modules TALEXXeos P211,
330 pcs. 40° TALEXX lens O211-2 spot lenses,
33 pcs transformers TALEXXconverter 0015 K350 15 VA
Fabergé showcases: Total of 18 LED modules TALEXXeos P211-2 (6 stripes x 3 modules),
2 pcs transformers TALEXXconverter 0015 K350 15 VA
Additional accessories: 16 covers white TALEXXcover Z220,
16 profiles TALEXXprofile Z200