Schallberg tunnel

Location: A9 Simplon Pass/Switzerland

Following its general renovation the 500 m long Schallberg tunnel can be seen in a new light. The luminaires were developed by the Swiss tunnel lighting specialists Rigamonti and equipped with LED components from Tridonic. The result is high-performance lighting system that offers a high level of visual comfort and has a positive effect on the sense of safety among vehicle drivers.

New high-efficiency LED modules based on the RLE series are used in the transition zone luminaires at the tunnel entrance and exit. They were developed specifically for tunnel lighting in accordance with specifications supplied by Rigamonti. Each of the transition zone luminaires contains two LED modules. They are supplied with an operating current of 350 mA, have a power draw of 112 W and generate a luminous flux of 18,350 lm. Only the last three luminaires in the transition zone are equipped with only one LED module, providing a gentle transition to the interior zone.

For lighting in the interior zone new customised LED modules were developed on the basis of LLE modules, with five being accommodated in each luminaire. At an operating current of 300 mA the interior zone luminaires need 38.25 W and provide 6,365 lm. With an emission angle of 120° and a light colour of 6,500 K, they and the transition zone luminaires together generate the recommended average carriageway luminances of 45 cd/m2 in the entrance zone and 3 cd/m2 in the interior of the tunnel, providing a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient lighting solution for the Schallberg tunnel. Drivers from the PREMIUM series ensure optimum operating conditions for the LEDs.

Project Data
Contractor: Swiss Federal Roads Office ASTRA
Lighting planning/lighting concept: Rigamonti, Contone/Locarno, Switzerland
Electrical installation: Stromag, Brig/Glis, Switzerland
Used equipment:
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