Art and Culture


Ulm Minster

Location: Ulm/Germany
Products: LCA 75 W 900–1800 mA one4all lp PRE
The planning office Bamberger has developed a new lighting solution for Ulm Minster. LED luminaires specially designed for the project provide a remarkably precise and attractive light effect, while remaining discreetly in the background and allowing the architecture to take centre stage. LED Drivers from Tridonic are an important element of this sophisticated solution. more...

St. Jean granary

Location: Angers/France
Products: Modules SLE EXCITE, LED Drivers LCAI ECO, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02
State-of-the-art lighting has brought the medieval community hall in Angers back to its full glory. Lighting scenarios create the right atmosphere in the hall, whatever the event – all controlled from a touchscreen. more...

Culture centre “La Grande Passerelle”

Location: Saint-Malo/France
Products: LED Drivers LCI TOP lp, Modules LLE ADVANCED
Thanks to their high luminous flux, LED modules from Tridonic provide ideal general illumination for the large media library in the new culture centre in Saint-Malo and also contribute to the beacon-like quality of the building at night. more...

Casino Gran Vía

Location: Madrid, Spain
Products: Digital dimmable ballasts, luxCONTROL lighting control system , TALEXXmodule QLE
The historic casino building In Madrid's Gran Via has been given a new lease of life, including energy-saving lighting based on an electronic lighting control system from Tridonic. more...

Vallentuna Culture House

Location: Vallentuna/Sweden
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, LED Drivers, winDIM@net
There are many different lightsources and luminaires in the new cultural centre of the swedish town Vallentuna near Stockholm. But the complete lighting is controlled through a DALI network. Hardware fort his solution has been supplied by Wennerström Ljuskontroll. As Tridonic partner in Sweden, Finland and baltic countries they consequently focus on Tridonic’s control gear and DALI components. more...

Manta Rhei – kinetic luminaire

Location: International
By combining cutting-edge OLED technology, electronics and control systems, luminaire manufacturer Selux and the ART+COM design studio have ushered in a new era in professional lighting. The result of the first study on kinetic luminaires is presented as “Manta Rhei” – a delicate OLED-based luminaire silently floating in space while continuously changing its appearance. more...

Jiangsu Art Gallery

Location: Nanjing/China
Products: PCA ECO one4all, winDIM@net
Innovative lighting controls at Jiangsu Art Gallery Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China are saving energy while also helping to preserve the exhibits and enhance the visitor experience. Integral to the control strategy are a range of Tridonic products including x-touchPANEL, winDIM@net and PCA ECO ballasts. more...

Präg light art (Floating lights)

Location: International
For the past fifteen years the Austrian artist Hermann Präg has focused on light as his inspiration and his medium. His latest work uses the new TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT units from Tridonic. more...

Staatsschauspielhaus Stuttgart

Location: Stuttgart/Germany
Products: TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL, TALEXXconverter K240 12 V
The new site for the Staatsschauspielhaus Stuttgart can be seen from miles away thanks to its signage equipped with TALEXX LEDs from Tridonic.  more...


Location: Echternach/Luxembourg
Products: TALEXXeos P211 / P214, TALEXXchain D511 RGB, TALEXXspaceLED P602
In the heart of the Luxembourg town of Echternach stands the “Trifolion”, a new cultural and conference centre. The lighting installations with innovative components from Tridonic contribute enormously to the unique atmosphere. more...

Freemason lodge of l'Amitié

Location: La Chaux de Fonds/Switzerland
Products: TALEXXeos P211-1
The freemason lodge of l’Amitié in La Chaux-de-Fonds commissioned a completely new lighting system to make its restored temple look even larger and more impressive than before. A lighting concept based on LED modules from the TALEXX range was chosen for its ability to highlight the interior architecture and bring the paintings to life. more...

Kobel church

Location: Augsburg/Germany
Products: TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXX lens O211-2, TALEXXconverter K350
One of the oldest Loreto pilgrimage chapels in Germany was fitted with a new indoor lighting system in 2008. With its sympathetic installation Korona Leuchten has created an atmosphere that is perfect for this spiritual place of worship. more...

Cologne cathedral

Location: Cologne/Germany
Products: TE 105A one4all SC, powerCONTROL PCI FOX B011
Cologne cathedral receives around 10,000 visitors each day – and they can now appreciate the 850 year old architecture even more thanks to a new lighting system designed by Walter Bamberger Associates. The innovative control solution for the lighting is based on Tridonic components and was one of the winners of the DALI Award 2008. more...


Location: Bingen/Germany
Products: TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXXmodule P007
Consistently high humidity levels and frequent flooding were the two major problems that had to be overcome in connection with the new lighting system at Rhein-Nahe-Eck and on a near-by cycle bridge in Bingen. TALEXX LED modules were chosen because they offer low maintenance, long life and impressive energy savings. more...

Sky Restelo

Location: Lisbon/Portugal
Products: PCA T5 EXCEL one4all, DALI SQM, DALI PS, x-touchPANEL
Sky Restelo is located in one of the most prestigious districts of Lisbon and stands out from its surroundings for its excellent architecture and use of maintenance-free materials, mainly glass and aluminium. The exceptional construction quality of the building is evident at first sight. It offers residents and visitors an unparalleled view of Lisbon and beyond. more...

Zigong tower

Location: Zigong/China
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all lp, winDIM@net
The software-based winDIM@net lighting management system was able to put in a stunning performance in the run-up to the Olympic Games. The PCA EXCEL one4all lp ballasts helps the “tower of light” in Zigong to put on an impressive display. more...