Control C004


Product description

  • 3-channel PWM booster
  • For 12 or 24 V DC LED modules
  • For monochrome or RGB modules
  • Suitable for combining with Control C002, LED Driver K210 and K211
  • Ideal for controlling LED objects with relatively high system output (max. 2 A / channel)
  • With integrated cable clamp and terminal cover
  • Inputs electrically insulated from the supply voltage and output section
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short-circuit and overcurrent protection for output channels
  • Automatic shutdown on overheating
  • 6-pole screw terminal on the primary side
  • 4-pole screw terminal on the secondary side
  • Rapid installation of the cable clamp, no tools required
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Ordering data
Type Type Article number Pack­ag­ing, carton Weight per pc.
C004 Booster (PWM) 24138760 10 pc(s). 0.1 kg
Approval marks:
Independent gear
Technical data
DC voltage range 12 – 24 V (SELV)
Max. supply current 6 A
Number of control inputs 3 x PWM electrically isolated
Control input, PWM voltage 12 – 24 V
Control input, power draw 15 mA / channel
Control input, polarity reversal protection Yes, reversible
Number of output channels 3 x PWM (RGB)
Output voltage range (1) 12 – 24 V (SELV)
Output current max. 2 A / channel
Output, overcurrent protection Yes (2.8 A)
Output, short-circuit protection Yes, reversible
Ambient temperature ta -25 ... +45 °C
Max. casing temperature 70 °C
Dimensions L x W x H 167 x 42 x 31 mm
Hole spacing D 143 – 148 mm
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