ADV Plug for output current select


Product description

  • Ready-for-use resistor to set output current value
  • Compatible with LC flexC ADV LED-Driver; not compatible with I-select (generation 1) and I-select 2 (generation 2)
  • Resistor is base isolated
  • Resistor power 0.25 W
  • Current tolerance ± 2 % additional to output current tolerance
  • Compatible with LED Driver serie LC flexC ADV
  • Hot plug of the resistor is not permitted
  • For detailed current setting see table “Specific technical data” of the respective LED Driver and chapter 3.7 or 3.8 Current setting in data sheet
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Ordering data
Type Article number Colour Marking Pack­ag­ing, bag Weight per pc.
ADV Plug Type A BR 28001771 Brown ADV Type A 10 pc(s). 0.001 kg
ADV Plug Type B BR 28001772 Brown ADV Type B 10 pc(s). 0.001 kg
ADV Plug Type C BR 28001773 Brown ADV Type C 10 pc(s). 0.001 kg
ADV Plug Type D BR 28001774 Brown ADV Type D 10 pc(s). 0.001 kg
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