Tridonic has a long history as a pioneer in electronic component solutions for the lighting industry. As a partner for components and systems we have a permanent presence on the lighting market. We are familiar with every possible lighting application, we can find the right solutions to meet any requirements and we develop products with a bright future. Our components are perfectly matched to one another and offer a high level of reliability and safety for your applications and projects.

Tridonic’s extensive portfolio includes LED light sources and LED drivers, electronic lighting control gear, emergency lighting units and digital lighting control systems. The high proportion of new products in our portfolio indicates a high level of innovation. Our customers benefit from system-based component solutions from a single source. The following pages tell you everything about our products – from technical data to ordering information.


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Product combinations at a glance 

using the Tridonic Product Solutions app by Tridonic.

Use this app to easily and quickly get an overview of our system solutions.
On the start page of the web app, select the application which you are searching solutions for:

  • Office and Education
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Outdoor and Industry

Taking the light source used as a reference, you can have the appropriate LED Drivers, emergency lighting products and lighting control systems displayed.

Product categories in detail

In order to provide a better overview, we have clearly structured our product range and introduced new product categories: ESSENCE, ADVANCED, EXCITE and PREMIUM.

Now you can see at a glance how Tridonic’s various product categories differ from each other and how our former product designations fit into this scheme.

Go to Tridonic’s product categories (PDF, 24 KB)