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Restaurant Tatel

New reference projects

International Tridonic references

Our components are part of numerous projects all around the world, from small applications to big projects of renowned companies. This page shows you a collection of our latest projects.
Schallberg tunnel
Location: A9 Simplon Pass/Switzerland
Products: Drivers PREMIUM outdoor, Modules LLE, RLE G1 EXC OTD
Culture centre “La Grande Passerelle”
Location: Saint-Malo/France
Products: LED Drivers LCI TOP lp, Modules LLE ADVANCED
St. Jean granary
Location: Angers/France
Products: SLE LED modules, LED Drivers LCAI ECO,
DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02
Sattler Lighting headquarters
Location: Göppingen/Germany
Products: connecDIM Gateway G1, DALI Interface RS232 PS/S, DALI MSensor 5DPI 14, DALI XC, DALI-RM/S 4x10 A